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"Shirley’s an unsung genius with a repertoire of highest-frequency wit and terrific writing. Heavy Mental should put every iPod out of business and turn all young and old heads back to the ultimate trip: reading. Here it is all laid out, the past, present, and future of a damned good story. Hysterically delicious."

Alexander Besher, Philip K.Dick Award nominated author of the Rim Trilogy and The Manga Man

Whilst the lead singer of heavy metal band Plunder is enjoying a game of sex golf in his New York hotel egged on by his roadies, a massive explosion rocks the room. Investigating the cause, he ends up stark naked in another dimension, where he is swiftly accused of assassinating a pig by shagging it to death. And that is only the start of his problems…..

Combining the biggest and grossest excesses of the best science fiction and rock writing, Heavy Mental will appeal to anyone who has dreamed of climbing aboard a spacecraft piloted by little green men, dressed as a member of Kiss, accompanied by a gaggle of groupies with Mötley Crüe on their headphones as a soundtrack.

Ian Shirley is a freelance journalist whose feature work has appeared in The Times, The Sunday Times, Mojo, Record Collector, Classic Rock and other publications. His first science fiction novel, the highly successful Shadowplay (Citron Press) was published in 1998. He will be taking part in a series of events and readings to accompany the publication of Heavy Mental, including the release of the Plunder single, and a media campaign based on the disappearance of Plunder’s vocalist.

This book is not published until October 1st. Pre-order now and your copy SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR will be dipatched as soon as it arrives.

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