Berlin Bromley (Paperback)


Berlin Bromley (Paperback)

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by Bertie Marshall

Foreword by Boy George


“Berlin Bromley is a unique record of Punk’s first manifestations… Marshall’s memoir takes its place in that lineage of “outsider memoirs” that include the writings of Quentin Crisp, Jean Genet’s The Thief’s Journal and Jean Stein’s biography of Edie Sedgewick.” DAILY TELEGRAPH

“Berlin Bromley is written with considered sarcasm, wit, and ought to be snapped up by every aspiring fashion student, wannabe outsider or worried mother - it’s hard to put down.” FROM THE FOREWORD BY BOY GEORGE

“’re left with a clear sense that a life spent as a passive observer, even of your own life, makes for powerful prose.” THE INDEPENDENT, BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2006


This revealing memoir by Bertie Marshall, formerly known as “Berlin” in the notorious Bromley Contingent, cuts to the core of the punk sensibility of 1976/77. Combining the outrageous zeitgeist with the lifestyle of scenester and rent boy, Marshall’s account bristles with a searing honesty. The Bromley Contingent included Siouxsie Sioux, Steve Severin, Billy Idol and Jordan. Marshall is the ideal narrator, taking in Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood’s SEX shop, the formation of the Sex Pistols and the gay netherworld of late 70s London. Now, thirty years since his infamous BERLIN BABY’S BONDAGE PARTY, Bertie Marshall has written the post-glam, pre-punk version of THE NAKED CIVIL SERVANT.

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